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Womb Awareness

Sometimes it takes a deep meditation, a liver cleanse, a cry, a sleep or whatsoever to cleanse the space of all unwanted held on-to emotions in our Womb.

Some will not understand right away but I urge you to see your Womb as more than an organ in your body.

It is part of everything we feel, we have, we do and we acknowledge as a Woman.

There is so much beauty and clarity in it, when awakening your Awareness to it.

You are more than someone who only goes through life and forgets.

The womb is a big part of your memory and brain especially when it comes to your experiences and observations about your Body, your Sexuality, your Sensuality, your Love / Dating life, your Relationships and your Friendships.

Sometimes I noticed I haven’t healed things because deep down in my Womb she’s still holding on to it.

Like a net. A net or web of memories I need to cleanse through.

Only so will I be free and elevating to higher greatness.

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