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Give your Yoni the time you give everywhere else WITHOUT judgment

Shame plays a big part in women’s minds and subconscious especially.

Without being aware, we treat ourselves with shame and guilt.

Because even the image in our head of a woman with open legs seems weak; seems easy; seems sluttish in a way.

So how many times do we lotion our body and skin..

Remember skin is the biggest organ of our body..

Most women have facial routines, make up routines, hair routines, shaving routines, teeth routines, gym routines and work routines.

  • yet the most important thing:

Heart & Yoni

Was nowhere found to have a routine.

Society managed to push us so far swat from connecting with the most important.

They poisoned us to think it is weak, strange or even forbidden.

To talk and care for our most important.

Our heart. Our Yoni. Our womb.

Hangs closely together with our perception of life and how we chose to manifest our life.

Back to skin care.

The Yoni has one of the most sensitive skin in the body.

All we’re taught is that it’s self cleansing and doesn’t need any kind of attention.

Well I’m here to say: It is okay to think and put attention of your most sacred skin.

It’s like the only time women connect to their skin and features down there, is when someone else is involved.

The only time we pay attention to how she feels is if a man wants to use it.

That’s when the questions pop up:

Is she soft enough?

Does she look good?

Does she smell good enough?

What does she taste like?

Did I remove my hair enough?

Is he enjoying it?

Hardly many women will be able to deny what I just said.

  • Of course in the topic sec we pay attention to our partner, we should.

But from an early age on most women haven’t even had sex.

They were “fucked”, gave out their body to use without actually having any fun while doing so.

So again it leads me back to asking and recognising for ourselves,

that we do come to think about our Yoni only in exchange, but never for our own well-being.

Most women talk negative about their period every single month of the year.

They even fail to remember that this means our body is healthy and some women would wish to have a cycle.

Therefore I say we need to learn to love our Yoni, our Womb, our Mind, our Intuition, our Temple.

Cause me - I try to run away from the awareness I have in my Yoni and it only shows complications.

Mentally, physically and other ways.

Wether this is pain, lack of love, discomfort, disease, wrong relationships, bad thoughts, lack of money, no confidence or self hatred.

There’s many ways of our body and our Yoni showing us that we need to tune in.

But it’s up to you to make a routine for your heart and Yoni.

What’s in my heart, what needs attention and love?

How is my heart feeling?

Is my heart still hurting?

Am I really healing or just running?

  • Ask yourself these questions more often and tune in.

Listen to yourself as if you were listening to a friend. Be there for yourself and breathe.

Never forget to breathe.

With time and connection you will develop better and more ways to have a routine that sheds light on your heart.

Have a Yoni routine.

Learn all about her and her abilities.

Learn about your Womb and Gut because it all hangs together.

Listen to your Intuition and act on it.

Always. Learn how to not doubt it anymore.

Learn about Yoni massages and Yoni steaming.

Learn about your pleasure and enjoy the journey of finding what’s important.

Learn about your cycle because it is individual.

Learn about Sex Magick and Manifestation.

I promise your life will change.

And then most importantly learn to not be ashamed of it.

Embrace being a woman in all aspects.

Make it sacred and be a Goddess.

Your life will change for the better, I promise.

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