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Caribbean Culture 💚

Not able to be understood by many.

I think Caribbean Culture might be the only culture that built so much Vibrancy, Positivity and Celebration out of so much Pain and Misery.

Doing your research on Carnival & Jouvert and why we still have these until today is quite important.

It’s the reason why a fete just feels like Freedom. It’s the reason why the next day everyone wants to go back.

I’m grateful to be Caribbean. Yes, I’m mixed race but I wouldn’t want it to be any different.

I do think that the reason I love embracing my Caribbean Culture is because I know the importance of it. I love embracing it and I love creating content about it.

Because I know the impact it has on the world and the VALUE it has.

I’ve seen what it does for people of the Caribbean and for people of different cultures. And it’s always something magical and positive ✨

Some might look at Jouvert & Carnival and judge us.

- I say: Don’t judge what you don’t know, understand or at least study.


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